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[Dong-A Ilbo] Annual sales of 2.5 billion won by making fertilizer with caterpillar excrement

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emtomo uses 20% of the raised BSF to create larvae and uses the remaining 80% to produce livestock feed and pet food.

entomo recently decided to cooperate with the National Institute of Fisheries Science to develop fish feed and pet food using sardines.

Since last year, as flocks of sardines have appeared and mass deaths have become more frequent around the southern coast due to global warming, it has been decided to use black soldier flies to dispose of the dead bodies.

CEO Park explained, “Sardine carcasses that were difficult to dispose of due to saturation of the incinerator are being reborn as livestock feed and pet food rich in nutrients such as omega-3.”

entomo is expanding its business scale by developing and utilizing 34 related patents. The company, which had 6 employees and 800 million won in sales in 2019, more than tripled in size last year to 20 employees and 2.5 billion won in sales.

Cheongju = Reporter Song Hye-mi 1am@donga.com

Original link: https://www.donga.com/news/Economy/article/all/20230823/120816690/1